Club Assembly

We had our Club Assembly to pass the boards recommendations. Our president explained each and every project which are proposed to have and clarified all the queries raised by the members before its was passed.

Program: Club Service Club Assembly


Farm Visit – Green House & Aquaponics

We have organised a farm visit to learn the latest techniques used in farming. We visited a green house farm, in which they are using latest techniques and also aquaponics. During the event our Ann and Annetts plucked tomatos and vegetables from the plants directly and prepared a tasty meal for all. While our Rtn Kanakaraj’s inlaws cooked Kongu special chicken dishes to all.

Program: District Priorities – Our Lovely Planet Earth – Soil Mattter,Club Service Family Meeting/Activity,Environment Other event – Environment.


117th Rotary Birthday Bash

We celebrated Rotary Birthday with Anns and Annettes at Rtn Justin’s residence. Ann Gowreswari Justin baked Rotary theme cake for the birthday, while she also made lip smacking dinner for the all the participants. We have also enrolled in the Bake your Rotary cake & celebrate Rotary Day

Program: Club Service Fireside Meeting,Club Service Family Meeting/Activity.


Rain Water Harvesting

We have invited Rtn Nitish Ganesh, Founder – Rain Beaver to talk about Rain Harvesting in the urban and rural setup. It was a very informative meeting and all the members who participated appreciated the event.

Program: District Priorities – Our Lovely Planet Water – Aqua Mind,Club Service Speaker Meeting,Water, sanitation, and hygiene Rainwater harvesting/Well recharge.