About Rotary Coimbatore City

Rotary Club Coimbatore City chartered on 20th October 2015. Our Charter President Rtn. Rajkumar Velu & Charter Secretary Rtn. Karthikesh SM & charter members were installed on 25th November 2015. The charter club members are primarily childhood friends, Rotaract friends, school friends with a clear motto – Service beyond Self. This is not possible without Rotary club by Rotary Club of Coimbatore Midtown sponsoring the new club. We have been continuously supported by our mentor, friend, guide Rtn. Rajasekar S – GSR, who stood with us and guided young minds in the right direction. Our charter team is visionaries, they adopted Vadivelampalayam as RCC Village and performed many noteworthy projects in the village which houses 1 Primary & Middle school each.

Charter President and Team

RY 2015-16 - Charter President : Rtn Rajkumar Velu & Charter Secretary : Rtn Karthikesh
RY 2016-17 - President : Rtn Rajkumar Velu & Secretary : Rtn Dr Senthil Kumar
RY 2017-18 - President : Rtn Justin Prem Kumar & Secretary : Rtn Pawan Pattery
RY 2018-19 - President : Rtn C Somasekar Naidu & Secretary : Rtn Karuppusamy
RY 2019-20 - President : Rtn K Janakarajan & Secretary : Rtn Karuppusamy
RY 2020-21 - President : Rtn AtishKumar Swain & Secretary : Rtn Anish